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2022 Camps

Torquay Camp

Southern Exposure is an outdoor education camp located 3km's outside of Torquay.

Students stayed for two nights and participated in three days of activities which included surfing, kayaking and Mountain Bike riding.

Students built relationships, resilience and had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and undertake numerous tasks that built their social, emotional and physical capabilities.

Fall Creeks Snow Camp

Students and staff travelled to Falls Creek by bus from MDCC where they were fitted with ski equipment for their chosen activity.

The students had the ability to choose between downhill skiing and snowboarding, followed by a 1 hour lesson. Students stayed at Howman’s Gap where, after a long day in the snow, enjoyed some relaxation activities including table tennis, a pool table and board games.

This was an amazing camp as some of our students had never been to the snow or seen snow before.

All studentsparticipated in the activities and came away with an understanding of how to ski or snowboard and is already on the request list for 2023.

Old Priory Camp

Old Priory Camp is situated in Beechworth, country Victoria. The students took part in this Sustainability Camp which aligns with their project work for PDS Unit 2.

They visited a Natural farm and a Honey farm to learn about the operations of each and how the seasons affect produce as well as the opportunity to go berry picking.

The students also spent time exploring the town of Beechworth and researched the impact the seasons had on tourism in regional towns.