Pathways & Careers

Career education at MDCC is being transformed to ensure students:

  • are supported to understand their strengths and interests.
  • have theskills and capabilities to navigate multiple careers.
  • can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world of work.

A suite of new initiatives will make sure students have access to high-quality careereducation and are prepared for life beyond school through more informed career andpathway decisions.

Career education will be comprehensive. Support for a decision-making process will startupon arrival into Year 10 to support informed course and career choices in later years ofschool and beyond.

Career education will enhance students’ quality engagement with the world of work. It will give them opportunities to see and experience different jobs. These explorations are vital toassist students in making informed career decisions.

In making career educationa priority at MDCC, in 2023, we will see Ewen Morris completethe Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development, this will includeprofessional membership to the CEAV.

Should you wish to discuss anything regarding careers and pathways, pleasearrange a timeby contacting Ewen at