A Message from our Principal

Welcome to Mountain District Community College, a place for studentsto grow.

It’s hard to convey the energy of an education at MDCC. From the very moment you step inside our grounds, you’ll understand what I mean. There’s something special about our school. I often reflect on what we’re achieving and how as a community we continue to shape the lives of our young people that attend.

At MDCC every student is welcome, and every student belongs. We get great joy from celebrating the uniqueness of every student. MDCC students not only enjoy equal opportunity, but they also enjoy every opportunity, and they participate fully in an environment where they are encouraged to grow.

At MDCC, education is designed for every student because quite simply, we are all unique. At MDCC, we highly value student voice and provide students with ongoing opportunities to build their understanding of the importance of social responsibility, planning for success, being active members of their community and in positively overcoming the challenges presented to them.

I look forward to meeting you as part of a College tour, where we can discuss the pathways of opportunity and success for all students at Mountain District Community College.

Elise Hopkins