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Sub Programs

Successful 2022 programs ran at MDCC

Photography Workshop

Over five-week period students where taught elements of photography using DSLR cameraspurchased by MDCC.

Each week there was a theory component where the photographyteacher used visualnotes and pictures to explain the content, followed by a practicalcomponent where students manually adjusted their camera settings to focus on the specificelement we were teaching.

Students were then invited on an excursion to The Dandenong RangesBotanical Garden’swhere they produced some amazing work for their exhibition which was held on ourInformation Night.

Drivers Education

Students were taken on an excursion to METEC Driving school where they were taught howto drive either a Manual or Automatic car. The instructors were very professional andallowed students that did not have their Learners permit to get behind the wheel and drivefor the first time. Some of the students sat for their Learners permit while waiting to drive.

Cooking Program

Each week groups of students researched a recipe and used their numerical andorganisational skills to determine quantities needed to purchase the correct amount ofingredients to cater for all staff and students.

Gaming Program

This was a weekly program that took place at lunch time. Students were given theopportunity to play a variety of video games they selected.

Students were able to game and socialise with other students from the college whileparticipating in mini tournaments where they competed against each other.